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Texas State Demographer

Texas Population Estimates Program

The Texas Population Estimates Program produces annual estimates of the total populations of counties and places in the state. Estimates of county populations are also available by age, sex, and race/ethnicity. Finalized population estimates are published on our TDC website the first week of November every year.

Find information about the U.S. Census Bureau's 2023 Population and Housing Unit Estimates.

Interim 2010-2020 Intercensal Population Estimates

Due to a high number of inquiries, the Texas Demographic Center has produced the 2010-2020 Intercensal Total Population Estimates for the State of Texas, it’s counties, and cities.

The Census Bureau's official intercensal population estimates are scheduled to be released Fall 2024.  While the results of TDC's interim intercensal population estimates should be close to those of the Census Bureau's, we recommend using the Census Bureau's estimates once they are released and we will update this webpage accordingly.  

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Texas Population Estimates Annual Surveys

The Texas Demographic Center's Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program, overseen by the State Demographer, conducts surveys to create population estimates for the State of Texas in compliance with Chapter 468 of the Texas Government Code. These estimates are crucial for a wide range of users, including state agencies, policymakers, local governments, and private enterprises, to effectively plan and secure the resources and funding meet the needs of Texans. The accuracy and availability of these population estimates depend on the cooperation of the survey respondents.

Information from Texas counties, cities, and educational institutions is collected through five annual surveys from October to February.

  • Higher Education Survey - collects enrollment totals and the number of students living on campus from higher education institutions.
  • Private School Survey -collects enrollment totals for students in grades 1-8.
  • Annexation & Boundary Survey - collects information related to boundary changes that may affect the population from incorporated places.
  • New Residential Units Surveys (Incorporated Places/Unincorporated Areas) - collect information from cities and counties concerning new residential housing units in the incorporated places and unincorporated areas.

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